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Why hello! Thanks for stopping by….but I am no longer here. (Well that’s a bummer, huh?!) It sure is, but now you can follow me here:

Love You So {Blog}Sorry for the inconvenience, but as you can see this website kinda sucks. My new digs are way cooler…promise! Hop on over, check it out and tell all your friendlys!


Sunday I had the pleasure of doing my first family session. I have to say I think I like doing these the best! Especially when the kiddos are such hams ^.^ Bristel used to work with me at the good ole O’Charley’s and I’ve babysit for them a few times. Let’s get to the good stuff, here are a few of my favorites!

It was like pulling teeth to pick the 80 or so images to give them. Some I even did in multiple filters because if you couldn’t tell, I’m slightly obsessed with black and white. If I were president there would only be black and white photos. It was even worse just to narrow it down to my favorites! I had such an amazing time :)

If you’re wanting family pictures done just contact me and we will get everything sorted out:

These guys. I think I’m on a foreign kick…but they’re pretty good!

DIY: Fabric Framed Chalkboard

How’s it goin’ over there?! When Allie and I first moved in we decided not to paint our kitchen because there isn’t much to work with. Instead, we opted for just whatever. We aren’t really kitchen people…But! One night I looked at my bottle of chalkboard paint and thought to myself, “how cute would a chalkboard on our wall be to communicate?” I started that one around midnight…about a month ago haha! I found a frame in my mess of a room that actually fit semi-perfect. [The square I made isn't very straight, oops!]

Initially I thought I would sand it down and spray paint. Maybe have Allie draw a little design. Yesterday about an hour before I had to work (I generally start my projects at the best times, don’t I?) I had a brilliant idea. Fabric. I have so much and my frame is pretty boring so why not spice it up a little?! Drum roll please……….this is my tutorial!!

1. Paint a chalkboard where you want it. Mine’s in the kitchen, on the only empty wall. Pick somewhere you know you will see it constantly.
*Be better than me: Measure your frame, tape off a section for straighter lines and put newspaper on the floor to catch your messes! Or make your own chalkboard paint.

Sorry for the poor lighting. But this is my on a whim chalk board.

2. Gather your supplies! Need: Frame, ModPodge, fabric, exacto knife, old debit/credit card, chalkboard paint, paint brush.
*I didn’t use the the sponge brush, I changed to a small painters brush. The smaller brush I used to get into the nooks and crannies. I didn’t use the scissors but you can to cut your fabric, I just used the exacto knife.

My stuff!

3. Clean off your frame. Do you see that dirt?! Yuck. Even if you think it’s clean, wipe it down anyway.

4. Lay your fabric over a section of your frame and cut out some excess fabric so it will go all the way to the back.

Am I the only one who’s in luuurrve with this fabric?!

5. Lather your section of frame in ModPodge…my favorite part!

Cake it on, people. But do it quickly!

6. Lay your fabric on. Press down. My frame isn’t very intricate, but I used the debit card in that small indent thing. You know what I’m sayin’.

I didn’t cut enough to cover the entire thing, but you can if you’d like.

7. Let’s talk corners. You can’t just leave the fabric loose and weird. I folded it in. This made gluing down the corner fabric somewhat odd and difficult, but I have faith you’ll figure out a technique you like.

Folding the fabric at the corners

8. Repeat for all your edges. No brainer! Once you’re done, cover the fabric frame in ModPodge. I use the glossy kind so it adds a nice finished touch :)


Ain’t she perrrrdy?! I think Lucy approves… :)


9. Hang it up and you’re done! I held it up, marked where I wanted my nails to go and hung it on those. Makes it easier for me to change frames incase I make a new one ;) The ledge at the bottom makes a perfect chalk holder. We use RoseArt because we’re poor. I suggest trying to find Crayola :P

Not so discret nail

Full project in all it’s glory! We use it everyday :)

Hope you decide to try this our yourself! Its added a TON of color to our pale kitchen and we use it constantly. This project is definitely an easy one to check off your list in just a couple of days (only to let the paint dry). If we include cost of all materials I would say this cost me less than 20$. You can always decrease that even more by making your own ModPodge and chalkboard paint. Try it in different paint colors, different fabric on different edges even. If you’re annoyed by those nails have a pro hang up your frame. We aren’t that picky :P


While you’re at it, check out this artist! He’s from Ireland and writes all his own songs. This particular song is about a girl he likes, how cute?!



Hello Tiger Snoozers! How’s the real world treating you? Me, I’m doing splendid ^.^ Saturday I took some cutesy pics of my favorite new couple! Check out a few of my favorite shots:







This is my roommate, Allie, and her incredible new beau, Trace! Such a cute couple :)

Now that fall is in full swing I keep searching for some good backdrops for future sessions (I think I have a couple of engagement sessions coming up soon of co workers!). Have you guys seen any places around town you think would be pretty for pictures? Or a favorite spot you like to take some yourself?

This medley by Victoria Justice and Max Schneider will brighten up your day!(All the lyrics are in the video…how cute?!)

Blog About Me!

As I sit in my giant new apartment (once we get it painted, I’ll show you! It’s kind of a mess right now though…) my roommate is complaining how no one blogs about her. Not completely out of the blue, though. I was going to write about my new fashion finds! Instead I will show you the magic that is Allison Nichol Tharp.

Allie and Arianna

Likes: Jesus, youuu (cause you’re pretty!), playing card games, Friends the TV show, Carmel Macchiatos, positive people, kids, fresh peaches.

Dislikes: People who hint for compliments, anything country that is NOT Rascal Flatts, when my hair goes flat, sprite, sweet potatoes, traffic.

Question: Where are you from?
Allie: My mom! Or Monticello. 

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Oh shoot…That’s a hard question! Why would you ask that!?! ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH…French fries. I’m gonna say french fries.

Q: Which super hero is your favorite? And what super power would you want?
A: Mmmmm. *bobs head* Thor, ’cause he pretty much is dead sexy. He can fly with his hammer, go back and forth between worlds…Who wouldn’t want to be like Thor? Those are the super powers I want!

Q: What is your favorite quote?
A: Well, I like the one from The Great Gatsby, “and so we beat on, boats against the current born back ceaselessly into the past.” BUT I also like “though she be but little, she is fierce.” I like that a lot hahah. 

Q: What do you like most about your life?
A: The Lord hath blessed me with pretty much the best roommate in the world! Haha you don’t have to put hath. Because, literally I could be just about anywhere, stuck in the worst of situations but you keep me in check. I thank the Lord for you. A lot lot lot. 

(I promise I did not smudge that oneee bit!)

Q: If you threw a party and could have any musical guest, who would it be?
A: That’s not fair…none of my friends like my music! Seeing as I will never be given this opportunity again, I’m gonna grab Alter Bridge . And I’m going to be selfish and do the music I like anyway, if everyone wants to leave they can leave…I’ll sit in a jam session with my new palzies.

Q: What advice would you leave your younger self today?
A: How old younger? Are we talking like high school? [Let's say 15. Starting high school] Oohhh, 15. I’ll say what I learned on Pinterest today, “Never leave the house in sweats…you never know when you will run into a cute boy or an enemy. Always leave looking your best.”

Well. That seems good for now. I’m getting sleeeepyy! Big day tomorrow. But that’s my roomie! She’s a doll. And if you don’t know her, get to know her.

Ice cream!

I figured I needed to write something. I’m an awful blogger. This could definitely not be my job. Sorry!

In LOVE with Jake Coco and Savannah Outen! Check out this cover.

The Big Decision

Gooood morning San Diegooooo! Wait…am I still in Indiana? Looks like it. A girl can dream.

Remember my post about having decor overload?! Well, we have come to a conclusion. And with great friends to back us up with some help…we’re going to paint! We’ve been tirelessly scouring Pinterest, Google and Apartment Therapy for theme ideas. I will confess I am obsessed with Apartment Therapy. I’m a typing add.

They’ve got advice for pattern matching (something I love!), wallpaper (and here, too), budget living, small spaces and even entryways! They seriously thought of everything.

Now it’s just time to decide on color schemes. This whole ‘my own place’ thing it just awesome. I can’t wait to show you all our apartment! :)

A few of our pieces are going to be major DIY projects, too.

We would add a board to the middle and hand paint a giant chess board. Allie has a classic set!

I’m going to do one wall chevron stripes in my bedroom :)

Allie said she wants to paint this herself…goooood luck, lady! We do have an exciting project around the corner with sheet music, though!


It will be a couple weeks in the making. I’ll keep you posted! What’s everyone doing for labor day?



I have this song stuck on my itunes right now. Obsessed with this band :)


Decor Overload

Iiiiiiiiit’s FRIDAY! And it just started pouring down rain outside…great :( But! I have so many thoughts and ideas and things to say and asdfkjhasdlkfjhaklsdfjhnkjdsfa…I’m a crafting/decorating/can’t do anything yet mess!

Allie and I don’t move into our  new pad until September. It seems lightyears away. We originally had a bid for a one bed/one bath apartment with our complex. Financially it makes sense, we’re broke college students. We have already been living in the same room for ~9 months and it works really well for us. But! Allie got a pay raise at work (holla:D)…we decided we can probably afford our own bedrooms like grown ups :P. After talking to our leasing agent we discovered a 2 bed/2bath will be available with perfect timing. We almost killed over.

We had been looking for bottom floor apartment so we could have a patio and unfortunately this one is upstairs. But I think having a large living room and kitchen, our own bathrooms AND washer/dryer in unit makes up for it :) We’re so excited! (Would you look at that…the rain just let up! Mother nature must be happy for us as well) Allie and I loathe painting so we decided to make white walls work with some cute decor. I start prowling Pinterest for ideas:

I love this pop of color! From (amazing site!)

Maps are definitely in right now. The blues are gorgeous!

Who needs to buy paint when there’s so much inspiration out there without it?! As much as I would lurve to do this…there’s inspiration with painting…taunting me every time I search for ideas. It’s brutal people! Just look, look:

How interesting?! This idea from Apartment Therapy is so unique! Like us!

I want this cuddle corner so bad! This hue is peaceful:) From

So Tiger Snoozers…which should we choose?! Is it worth it to splurge on paint? Should we put that money toward statement pieces? I’m stuck. HELP! Give your input and we will reveal our decision shortly :) Stay tuned!

This girl has amazing covers. I’m obsessing over this one currently. Hope you likey!

Remember Matt and Maggie?! Shortly after that just for fun photo session the love birds got engaged! :D And I love love, so I couldn’t be happier :) 

She asked if I would do their engagement session and of course I couldn’t turn it down. Here are just a few of my favorites. I still want to find someway to stash my full sets of sessions somewhere for you guys. Any ideas?! 


There ya have it! Like I’ve said before, they are so easy to photograph, and they each had a lot of amazing ideas! In total I picked about 60 photos. Their wedding is August 4, 2012 and I’m also a bridesmaid (can I get a woop woop?!)

Wedding song! Just for fun :)

Be Our Guest

Be our guest! Be our guest!
Put our service to the test
Tie your napkin ’round your neck, cherie
And we’ll provide the rest
Soup du jour
Hot hors d’oeuvres
Why, we only live to serve…

Yeah. You know you sang that in your head. But, I’m excited to announce Monday night Allie and I had our first guest over for dinner :) Now, we just moved from an apartment to a house…but it’s only until September 1. So many boxes! And bags! And moving! Yikes. Most of our belongings are remaining packed until we move into our new apartment, but for now it’s nice to have the space.

The reason why we had a dinner guest is the main reason I got that song stuck in your head. Sometime last week our fridge started smelling fowl, then the light wasn’t turning on…then it was warm >.< We had to throw everything out. Literally went into this situation at midnight looking like this:

Shirts around our faces and armed with aerosol. I got everything into two trash bags. Allie wound up going outside because the smell was just too much. The trash bags were so heavy I could barely lift and carry them out the door. Once I got them to the steps we took a breather for a minute. Around by the separate garage and behind a giant bush was our trash bin. As soon as I grabbed it I could tell it was full….”uhmmm, we have been here for two weeks and haven’t taken out any trash…why is this full?!” Of course being girls, it being pitch black, grotesque smell and an…okay-ish ghetto neighborhood, I decided there must be a dead body. (Valid choice…right?!)

The parking spot is on a hill so as I’m dragging the bin down…more like running with it to get into some amount of light in case there is a serial killer watching…it falls. Of course. I make Allie help me lift it up and something gross and slimy gets on her hand. I turn my car on for some extra light and a cicada decides its new home is the trash bin! After all of this we just want someone to help (because we’re pathetic, I know). We jump in Allie’s car and call up our friend Dave, just to tell him how ridiculous we are. You can’t just ask someone to drive out and help you, so we tried hinting around it. Naturally, he didn’t take the bait. Allie turns around and notices my car has died…Oooooof course. Why not? I mean. Its not like we’re busy or anything! We only had one option left…

The first week we moved in, our across the street neighbor came over and introduced himself to Allie. Unknowingly (and probably the silliest thing he could have ever said) states, “if you ever need anything, let me know!” Well, we need something…a lot of somethings! But we felt awful :( Woke him up out of a dead sleep. But, he was so helpful and nice! He even said he would take our trash that Wednesday, and he did!

We bought him a card and invited him over for pizza. We should have house guests more often, our house went from looking like this:

(the day we moved in…this is actually better than what it was!) to this:


It’s beauuuuutiful! :D He didn’t even mind about our lack of furniture! Did you catch that?!) We just sat on the floor, talked about life and Jesus. It was grand.

And just to add, last night Allie and I cooked…we COOKED! And it was edible. And delicious. Mark this moment on your calendars, people. It’s historic.

How’s your weekend been?! Anything new and exciting going on in your life? I would love to hear! :D

–Check out this song! It’s wonderful.–

Helloooooo bloggers! And blog readers! I have internet! But only for a short while. Eventually this store will have to close. :( We don’t have internet at the house. I’ve been going crazy, as you can imagine.

Update: Ashley and I shot our first wedding! Wait, that sounds bad…we didn’t shoot anyone. Photographed more like it. :) We had such a blast! Learned a lot about this kind of photography. Megan and Brandon’s wedding was so unique. The gentleman wore full on tuxedos. Gloves, watches, top hats, canes…the whole nine. Very sharp. The wedding reception had a string quartet! Classy, my kinda deal. Let me know what you think!

Here they are…Let’s do A for Ashley and T for me…bumbumbummm;;

Nixon Wedding














The groomsmen decided to do some LARPing while Ashley took the happy couple by themselves for photos. It was awesome!


Such a cool experience, so glad Megan and Brandon allowed us to share it with them! :)

What do you guys think about non-traditional, non-studio-like photography? Ashley and I have noticed a lot of photographers surfacing that are willing to travel and do more unique poses/editing…in comparison to studios.


Happy Thursday! :D